The Gulf Transport Commitment to Safety

Gulf Transport is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation services ensuring 100% backstop protection to producers and ratable/reliable supply to consumers. This commitment is ensure by the following principles:

Identical Configurations

We utilize an identical tractor/trailer equipment configuration across the entire fleet.  This ensures seamless operation for drivers across all pieces of equipment thus reducing errors.

Fleet Maintenance

Tractors - Preventative maintenance is performed in partnership with Pac Lease, Inc

Trailers - Equipment rotates through Gulf Transport facilities daily

Tracking and Surveillance Technology

Gulf Transport utilizes the latest in Peoplenet computer based tracking technology. Including:

  • Satellite tracking
  • Speed monitoring
  • Electronic DOT logs
  • Driver communication

In addition to the above Gulf Transport uses Drive Cam - In-cab video event recording of both traffic and driver.

Safety Supervision

Supervision is required to be on road a minimum of 3 days per week conducting audits/site visits.  Additionally, there are required safety meetings every two weeks.

Safety Lane

Equipment runs through safety lane every day – 3 sets of eyes on equipment every day

Safety Statistics

Key Performance Indicators – Since Inception (Oct 1, 2009)

  • 245,000 loads
  • 786,000 man hours
  • 12,000,000 miles driven